Fete Fantastic – 14 May – note new time: 12:00-6:30pm

Would you like to receive personal fete updates via your email? Send your email address to the fete convenor, Bev Faulks  on wbfaulks@optusnet.net.com.au.

We need your help, whether in a big or small way! Please contact Bev if you can assist with:

* Convening a stall    * Donating items for Tombola stall (small toys, grocery items, toiletries, lollies or similar that will fit into a lunch size zip-lock bag). Send items to 3J classroom.    * Craft items (contact Bev)   * Donating ingredients for homemade cakes etc. Send to 1L classroom. Homemade goods can be baked at home and brought on fete day too.   *Volunteering to help at hamburger stall (contact Bev).   * Donating books, magazines. Send to 5W classroom.