Social media takeover & app available on appstore!

Hi All!
Just an update to let you know we’ve taken over social media!
As you know this is our blog – which links to twitter – and sends updates to your email.

I’ve also just set up a Redlands College fan page on facebook so make sure you ‘like’ us to get updates and photos (facebook style!) Just search ‘Redlands College’ and click on the page that has the logo.

Our facebook updates will also post to twitter and back to our blog – so if you see a link on the blog that says ‘I have just (something) on facebook’ you can click the posted link to view whats new on fb!

This all means, if you want the news – get connected to one of the social media platforms we’re using that best suits your lifestyle and see what’s going on!
Twitter, Facebook, www.tip-off.com.au – or OUR APP!

And incase you didn’t already know!… Our app is now available on the app store (android and apple!) ¬†Just search ‘Redlands College’!

Be proud to know you’re part of the Redlands College Community – and we’re at the forefront of communication and¬†technology!

See you around soon!