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Redlands College P & F Chocolate Drive – Preferred Payment Details

The P&F are offering a new option of payment for this fundraiser via direct bank deposit.  We hope this option will provide a more convenient, efficient and flexible form of payment. This method is only to be used for PAYMENT IN FULL i.e. $50.00. Payment Details: Direct Deposit NAB               Bank Account: Redlands College P&F Association BSB: 084-129    Account: 03-789-3690           PAYMENT DUE: $50   BY: Friday 31 August…
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P & F Chocolate Drive Update

Dear Parents and Friends. A reminder that tomorrow, Friday 10 August, a box of chocolates will be sent home with the youngest child in you family unless you have returned the form requesting to not participate. Information about payment options will be provided in the next couple of days so look out for this info on the blog. Alternatively, you can email or contact me…
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