Parents and Families

General news for parents and families

Parent Access to the Learning Gateway

Dear Parents, For those that are new to the College or for those that need a refresher, the following information pertains to how to access the Redlands College Learning Gateway – The Learning Gateway is a convenient location to access information relating to class-based learning at the College. Parents will be able to access the following for each of their children’s classes (Years 1 to 12): – subject information…
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Release dates for reports

Semester 1 reports will soon be emailed to family email accounts. Junior School reports will be emailed today. Middle and Senior School reports will be emailed Friday 22/7/16. To maximise the time available for students to learn, we conduct assessment as late as possible in the term. Teachers have been marking over the holidays. This week they have been finalising results and reports.

Fete and P&F Meeting

On Monday 18 July, the P&F will hold a Fete Meeting for expressions of interest from businesses at 5:30pm.  It will be in the upstairs library and supper will be provided (RSVP required for catering). After which the P&F General Meeting will follow at 7pm.  Enquiries: Fete Business Interest

EXTEND – Weekly Update

In the last week of second term, Extend BSC and ASC had a very busy and exciting week. Extend’s mascot, Gilbert the Gecko, came to Redlands College on Thursday and performed his hit ‘Gilbert the Musical.’ The children  made a sign to show Gilbert just how much they appreciated him coming and visiting. A few lucky kids were invited up and joined in on the…
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iPads@home: Archiving iPad Documents

As we come to the close of another school term now is the time to look at archiving your iPad documents and files. Archiving is the removal (as opposed to backing up) of no longer needed documents off the iPad to be stored elsewhere, keeping your iPad free from clutter and freeing up some much needed space. Please note the difference between backing up (via iCloud)…
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Junior dress embroidery update

Junior dresses without the College font should be updated to ensure they are current approved uniform for both wear and sale. An additional outsourced embroidery service will be collected this week only. Please submit dresses (with the attached 2016 Junior Dress embroidery order form ) to the uniform shop by: • Friday 17 June 2016 (last day of Term 2). The completed dresses will be available for collection on the Student Free Day…
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Junior School Pyjama Day

The Junior School Council has recommended that the Junior School support the Aussie Helpers ‘Buy a Bale’ initiative. This provides farmers with bales of hay for their animals. Details of this charity may be found on the following website: For a gold coin donation to this charity, the children may wear pyjamas all day on the last day of term, Friday 17 June. The…
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Teaching Arrangements – Junior School Learning Enrichment

Please note: Mrs Luthy will be taking Long Service Leave during Weeks 1 to 5 of Term 3. Mrs Annette Litzow will be undertaking the role of Learning Enrichment teacher in her absence.  Mrs Litzow has taught at Redlands College for many years as a relief teacher. Please join me in welcoming Mrs Litzow and I ask that you remember Mrs Luthy and Mrs Litzow…
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Monday’s Coffee and Chat

The focus of Monday’s Coffee and Chat will be viewing and discussing the recent presentation by Dr Jonathan Andrews on the topic of  ‘The Heart of Resilience – Bouncing Back No Matter Your Age’. Parents are invited to come along, join in and enjoy refreshments. When: Monday 6 June. 9-10am Where: M Block Performing Arts room. What: The Heart of Resilience- Bouncing Back No Matter…
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eSafety: The Little Black Book of Scams

The little black book of scams highlights a variety of popular scams that regularly target Australian consumers in areas such as: internet shopping mobile phones online banking investment opportunities. It also offers consumers tips on how to protect themselves from scams, what they can do to minimise damage if they do get scammed and how they can report a scam. Download your Little Black book of Scams…
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iPads@home: Posting a Video or Photo Online

It is important that children are aware and learn the responsibilities of what is means to be a Digital Citizen.  Having a basic understanding of copyright is an important part of digital citizenship. Copyright is the protection provided to the creators of “original works of authorship.” Copyright gives the creator exclusive rights to sell or license their works and reward his or her efforts. It is…
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